Osprey Combat Aircraft Number 45 – US Air Force F-4 Phantom II MiG Killers 1965-68

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Osprey Combat Aircraft Number 45: US Air Force F-4 Phantom II MiG Killers 1965-68. Contains 96 pages of text, black and white photos and colour side profiles.

The USAF introduced the F-4C Phantom II into the Vietnam War (1955-1975) in April 1965 from Ubon RTAB, Thailand. The F-4C/D soon became the Air Force’s principal fighter over the North, destroying 85 MiGs by the close of 1968. This book describes how the USAF turned a gunless naval interceptor into an opponent to the more nimble VPAF MiGs. It explains how the Air Force gradually followed US Navy initiatives in the use of the F-4’s missile armament but employed very different tactics and aircrew training. The roles of key personalities such as Col. Robin Olds are discussed, together with armament and markings, crews and engagements.

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