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Loire et Olivier LeO 451 – French Air Force (1/144 Scale)

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Produced by Altaya/IXO but issued in plain blister packaging is this very nice 1/144 scale diecast model of the Loire et Olivier LeO 451 twin engined medium bomber. Complete in a sealed plastic blister with fixed lowered undercarriage and display stand. Very few models of this aircraft exist, so this is a “must have” addition to any collection. BLISTER PACK MAY HAVE SOME LIGHT CRUSH DAMAGE.

Lioré-et-Olivier LeO 45 was a French medium bomber used during World War II. It was a low-wing monoplane, all metal in construction, equipped with a retractable undercarriage and powered by two 1,100 hp Hispano-Suiza engines It was a very effective bomber, but it appeared too late to give any substantial contribution to the war effort. The LeO 451 was used as trainers and transports after the war, finally retiring in September 1957, making it the last pre-war French design in service.

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