Kamov Ka-25 Hormone – Russian Navy (1/72 Scale)


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1 in stock

From the Amercom helicopter series comes this brilliant 1/72 scale Kamov Ka-25 Nato codename: Hormone in the attractive livery of the Russian Navy.

Constructed of a mixture of metal and plastic, complete with undercarriage and stand in a sealed plastic blister. Amercom/Altaya have vastly improved the finish of their products recently, as these have properly indented, authentic looking panel lines. Get one while you can!!

The Kamov Ka-25 (NATO reporting name ‘Hormone’) was a naval helicopter, developed for the Soviet Navy in the USSR from 1958. Hormone-A Variants are used in the anti-submarine warfare role, equipped with radar, dipping sonar and a towed MAD and armed with torpedoes and nuclear or conventional depth-charges

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