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Mitsubishi G4M Betty – Japanese Navy Air Force (1/144 Scale)


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From the Atlas Editions Military Giants of the Sky 1/144 scale series comes this Mitsubishi G4M Betty twin-engined bomber in the livery of the Japanese Navyy Air Force in 1942. This aircraft had quite good performance but was nicknamed the Flying Lighter due to its unsealed fuel tanks catching fire when shot at by Allied fighters. Complete with stand and optional undercarriage. Complements the Corgi 1/144 scale range perfectly. PLEASE NOTE: There is no booklet with this model.

The Mitsubishi G4M was the main twin-engine, land-based bomber used by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service in World War II. The Allies gave the G4M the reporting name Betty. The Allies usually gave Japanese fighters and floatplanes male names, while giving female names to bombers and reconnaissance aircraft. These code names did not come into general use until mid-1943.
The G4M had a one-way range of about 3,700 miles which was achieved by its structural lightness and an almost total lack of protection for its crew, with no armor plating or self-sealing aviation fuel tanks. These omissions proved to be its weakness when opposition from American fighter aircraft increased during the second half of the Pacific War of World War II.

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