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McDonnell Douglas MD-87 (DC-9-87) – EC-EXM, Iberia, Ciudad de Almeria 1/200


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Hogan Wings 1/200 Scale 5682: McDonnell Douglas MD-87 (DC-9-87) Registration EC-EXM of Iberia. The aircraft is named “Ciudad de Almeria” with the inscription on the nose. Hard to find item with fixed lowered undercarriage and display stand.

Length 7.7 inches  Wingspan 6.5 inches

In January 1985 McDonnell Douglas announced it would produce a shorter-fuselage MD-80 variant of the DC-9, designated MD-87 (DC-9-87), which would seat between 109 and 130 passengers depending upon configuration. The designation was intended to indicate its planned date of entry into service, 1987. With an overall length of 130 ft 5 in (39.75 m), the MD-87 is 17 ft 4 in (5.28 m) shorter than the other MD-80s but is otherwise generally similar to them, employing the same engines, systems and flight deck. The MD-87 features modifications to its tail, with a fin extension above the tailplane. It also introduced a new low-drag “beaver” tail cone, which became standard on all MD-80s. The MD-87 was offered with either the 20,000 lbf (89 kN) thrust JT8D-217C or the 21,000 lbf (93 kN) thrust -219. Two basic versions of the MD-87 were made available with either an MTOW of 140,000 lb (64,000 kg) and MLW of 128,000 lb (58,000 kg) or an MTOW of 149,000 lb (68,000 kg) and an MLW of 130,000 lb (59,000 kg). Fuel capacity is 5,840 US gal (22,100 l), increasing to 6,970 US gal (26,400 l) with the incorporation of two auxiliary fuel tanks. Typical range with 130 passengers, is 2,370 nmi (4,390 km) increasing to 2,900 nmi (5,400 km) with two auxiliary fuel tanks.

The MD-87 provides typical mixed-class seating for 114 passengers or 130 in an all-economy layout (five-abreast 31 in and 32 in seat pitch). The maximum seating, exit-limited, is for 139 passengers.

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