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Airbus A319 – G-EUPJ, British Airways 100 Year Anniversary, BEA Retro Livery 1/200


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2 in stock

BA100A319BEA: Inflight200/Lupa Airbus A319 G-EUPJ of British Airways in fantastic looking “100 Year Anniversary” retro BEA livery. With optional magnetic fit undercarriage positions, jewelled lights, rolling rubber tyres and nameplated display stand.

Length 16.9 cm. Wingspan 17 cm.

Monday 4th March was a historical day for British Airways when Airbus A319 G-EUPJ arrived at London Heathrow Airport from Dublin newly painted in the livery of BEA “British European Airways’. This year “2019” marks the lineage centenary of British Airways, and to celebrate this the airline are painting some aircraft up into retro schemes. This aircraft G-EUPJ was delivered to British Airways in May 2000 and has served the airline well ever since.

Known as the “big daddy of passenger jets,” the Airbus A319 was first manufactured in France in 1996 and travels at a maximum speed of 514 knots, or 952 kilometers per hour. It is a narrow-bodied, twin-engine commercial passenger plane that carries up to 160 passengers and is a shortened version of the A320 series. The A319 aircraft was developed at the request of the CEO of ILFC, Steven Udvar-Hazy. The A319 is a sleek, attractive airplane that puts passenger comfort and enjoyment above everything else.

The A319 has a shortened fuselage because four fuselage frames were removed in the development of the aircraft. This resulted in a shorter plane by a total of a little over 12 feet. The manufacturer replaced the bulk cargo door with an aft container door, which meant a reduction in the height of LD3-45 containers. There were also minor software changes that resulted in different handling characteristics but other than this, the plane is very similar to its predecessor, the A320.

As of April 2019, the Airbus A319 had received a total of 1486 orders, and 35 orders of the A319neo (new engine option). There is currently a backlog of nine for the A319 and 35 for the A319neo. As of August of 2019, 1,480 total aircraft have been delivered and 1436 of them are now in service.

Another 42 airliners are on firm order with seven A319s and 35 A319neos. To date, American Airlines is the largest recipient of the A319 airplanes, operating roughly 130 of the aircraft so far.

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