Dassault Rafale B – ECE 5/330 Cote d’Argent, Ocean Tiger, NATO Tiger Meet, BAN Landivisiau, France, 2008


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Panzerkampf 1/72 scale 14615PB :  Dassault Rafale B of ECE 5/330 Cote d’Argent, Ocean Tiger, NATO Tiger Meet, BAN Landivisiau, France, 2008

Length 8.25 inches Wingspan 5.75 inches

PLEASE NOTE: This is a highly intricate model made of a mixture of diecast metal and plastic. It features engraved panel lines, opening canopy, tilting canards, detailed cockpit interior, optional undercarriage and display stand. The box black inner plastic tray is generic, so contains more weapon and drop tank slots than are issued with each model. Therefore no parts are missing, which appears to be the case at first sight.

The NATO Association of Tiger Squadrons was esablished in 1961 to promote solidarity between NATO air forces. Each year, it holds a “Tiger Meet” to give member nations an opportunity to train together in simulated battle over the skies of Europe. As well as being opportunities for NATO air forces to share ideas and experiences, the meets are also public relations exercises and participating squadrons often decorate their aircraft with elaborate tiger-striped paint schemes.  For the 2008 meet in Landivisiau, France, the award for “Best Painted Tiger Aircraft” went to this Rafale B of the French Air Force ECE 5/330 Squadron.

Designed as a result of the ACX (Avion de Combat Experimentale) program prior to France’s withdrawl from the EFA project, the Rafale was first flown on July 4th, 1986. The Rafale is multi-role fighter for the Franch Air Force and Navy, capable of handling missions from reconnaissance to air supremacy to nuclear deterrence. The Rafale built on Dassault’s expertise with delta-winged fighter design, adding a forward canard to improve maneuverability and reduce approach speeds for carrier operations. The Rafale’s advanced avionics and and limited stealth capabilities are expected to secure it as the primary combat aircraft for the French Air Force and Navy until at least 2040.

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