Fairey Gannet – UA+112, Bundesmarine German Navy

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Witty Sky Guardians excellent 1/72 scale model of the Fairey Gannet UA+112 anti-submarine aircraft of the Bundesmarine (German Navy).Quite a large aircraft, this is accurately reflected by the size of the model: Length 7.25″ Wingspan 9″.

The Gannet was designed for carrier borne anti-submarine and airborne early warning duties. First flown on September 19, 1949, this mid-wing monoplane with tricycle undercarriage had a Bristol Mamba double turboprop engine with two contra-rotating propellers and was crewed by a pilot and two aerial observers. On June 19, 1950 it became the first turboprop aircraft to make a carrier deck landing when pilot G. Callingham touched down on the HMS Illustrious. In 1958 the Gannet underwent a major structural redesign, which included the addition of a large radome beneath the fuselage. This Airborne Early Warning variant carried AN/APS-20F radar and required two additional crew members. Limited edition of only 300 pieces worldwide!!.

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