Mil Mi-171 Hip H – Chinese Air Force LH99748


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Witty Sky Guardians Mil Mi-8MT OR Mi-17 (NATO code name: Hip) of the Chinese Air Force LH99748. This model is superb with intricate undercarriage and engine detail. It also has opening side and rear cargo doors, plus pylons with multi rocket launchers and access steps. Limited edition of only 800 pieces Worldwide, complete with uniquely numbered card. Excellent price for such a low production run model in really attractive livery. PLEASE NOTE: These models do not come with a display stand. Also the cockpit canopies an ALL examples of this model are slightly misted, which appears to have been a deliberate policy by Witty. BARGAIN PRICE

Length 13.75 inches Rotor Span 11.75 inches

Over 250 examples of the Russian Mi-17/171 helicopter are currently operational with the PLA (People’s Liberation Army). The helicopters carry out transportation of troops, supplies and equipment to the battlefield. Other roles include air-to-surface attack, medical evacuation, airborne command post, refuelling, mine laying, search and rescue, spacecraft recovery, disaster relief, etc. The helicopters sold to China were unarmed, but the PLA managed to fit them with external weapon pylons similar to those used by the Russian Army. External stores are mounted on weapons racks on each side of the fuselage, with a total of six hardpoints. So far Mi-17s in service with the PLA have been seen carrying the 12.7mm machine gun pod, 57/68mm unguided rocket launcher, 250/500kg free-fall bomb, or TY-90 air-to-air missile according to their missions.The Mil Mi-17 (also known as the Mi-8MT series in Russian service, NATO reporting name “Hip”) is a Russian helicopter currently in production at two factories in Kazan and Ulan-Ude. It is a medium twin-turbine transport helicopter that can also act as a gunship.

Developed from the basic Mi-8 airframe, the Mi-17 was fitted with the larger TV3-117MT engines, rotors, and transmission developed for the Mi-14, along with fuselage improvements for heavier loads. Optional engines for ‘hot and high’ conditions are the 1545 kW (2070 shp) Isotov TV3-117VM. Recent exports to China and Venezuela for use in high mountains have the new VK-2500 version of the engine with FADEC control.

The designation Mi-17 is for export; Russian armed forces call it Mi-8MT. The Mi-17 can be recognized because it has the tail rotor on the port side instead of the starboard side, and dust shields in front of the engine intakes. Engine cowls are shorter than on the TV2-powered Mi-8, not extending as far over the cockpit, and an opening for a bleed air valve outlet is present forward of the exhaust.

In May 2008 licensed production of the Mi-17 started in China, with production being led by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant JSC and the Sichuan Lantian Helicopter Company Limited in Chengdu, Sichuan province. The plant built 20 helicopters in 2008, using Russian Ulan-Ude-supplied kits; production is expected to reach 80 helicopters per year eventually. The variants to be built by Lantian will include Mi-171, Mi-17V5, and Mi-17V7.

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