Henschel HS123A-1 – Flugzeugfuhrerschule, Luftwaffe 1941

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Oxford Aviation 1/72 Scale AC040: Henschel HS123A-1 Biplane fighter bomber of Flugzeugfuhrerschule training unit of the Luftwaffe in 1941. The model is very accurate with a stand to display. The only diecast model of this aircraft available. An essential addition to any collection and good value for money.

Length 4.5 inches Wingspan 5.75 inches

The Henschel Hs 123 was a German single seat biplane dive-bomber and close support attack aircraft which the Luftwaffe deployed during both the Spanish Civil War and the early to mid part of WWII, seeing service right up until 1944. It was first displayed and took its first flight in May 1935 piloted by WWI Flying Ace General Ernst Udet, following which a small pre-production batch was completed in 1936 for evaluation by the Luftwaffe. The first production examples, following slight modifications, resulted in the 123A-1 and the service aircraft flew with an armoured headrest and fairing in place as well as removable main wheel spats and a faired tail wheel. The dive-bomber career of the aircraft was cut short when it was superseded by the Ju 87A but it was used in many other roles, including pilot training.

Although an obsolete design, it proved to be robust, durable and effective especially in severe conditions. It continued to see front-line service until 1944, only to be withdrawn due to a lack of serviceable airframes and spare parts. The greatest tribute to the Hs 123 usefulness came in January 1943 when Generaloberst Wolfram von Richthofen, then commander-in-chief of Luftflotte 4, asked whether production of the Hs 123 could be restarted because the Hs 123 performed well in a theatre where mud, snow, rain and ice took a heavy toll on the serviceability of more advanced aircraft. However, the Henschel factory had already dismantled all tools and jigs in 1940.
The Henschel Hs 123 proved the adage that a rugged and reliable aircraft could be an effective combat weapon. Despite its antiquated appearance, the Hs 123 proved itself a formidable adversary in every World War II battlefield in which it fought. No Hs 123s are known to have survived.

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