Ilyushin Il-10 “Beast” – 108th Guards Assault Aviation Regiment, Germany 1945 (Modified)


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Oxford Aviation 1/72 Scale AC093M: Ilyushin Il10 “Beast” of 108th Guards Assault Aviation Regiment, Germany 1945.  This model is as used by the 108th Guards Assault Aviation Regiment during this time, Decorated in a mid and dark grey camouflage scheme to the upper wings, the underside is painted a pale blue grey. With display stand in the in flight only configuration. Perfect accompaniment to the Corgi range of 1/72 WW2 fighters.

Length 6 inches Wingspan 7.25 inches

PLEASE NOTE; Model has been mildly upgraded, as follows:

Crew figures in the pilot and gunners positions

New aerial over the cockpit

Replacement propeller which now spins

Developed as a Soviet ground attack aircraft, the Ilyushin Il-10 was introduced in 1944, going under the NATO reporting name of ‘Beast’, a name which subsequently stuck. Produced until 1954 by the Soviet construction bureau Ilyushin, the spec called for a one engine two-seater monoplane with a metal covered frame. It had a three-blade propeller and a retractable undercarriage.  Heavily armoured, the front part of the fuselage including the cockpit was a shell of 4-8 mm armoured plates. The cockpit was protected on all sides.  The aircraft was equipped to carry two bomb bays with a maximum of 600 kg., as well as guns and rockets. It was powered by a 12-cylinder inline V Mikulin AM-42 engine with take-off power of 2000 hp.  Maximum speed was 342 mph at a height of 18.000 ft and 315 mph at sea level and had a range of 500 miles. Just over 6000 were built before production ceased in 1954 although it was flown by other Eastern European Air Forces until 1962.

The first Il-10 entered service with the 108th Guards Assault Aviation Regiment on 16th April 1945, taking part in the final combat actions of World War II in Europe, during which time the Il-10 appeared to be successful against the German Luftwaffe.


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