About Us

www.planestore.co.uk is the website name for the company Chris Lem Models. In that capacity we have been selling the fantastic and popular range of superbly accurate diecast metal model planes for over 20 years. During that time we have developed a comprehensive knowledge of the range. The website www.planecrazy.biz is also ours, but in time will be fully replaced by this one. We have built up an excellent reputation for the quality of our products and standard of service to our loyal band of customers. Planestore is packed with many items that are now sold out at other retailers. Take a little time to have a browse and see if we have anything you like.

From Chris: “A lifetime interest in all things aviation and long RAF career as an Aero Engine Technician fuelled an interest in Corgi Aviation Archive models when they were originally launched in 1998. As a collector myself since then I now have a fair knowledge of these models.  Who would have guessed that in 25 years the hobby has expanded to include literally thousands of aircraft models of all types and scales. Collectors have seen some of their their planes vastly increase in value, thereby representing an excellent investment with the added bonus that they look great in your cabinet.

When asked what my favourite aircraft is I always say the English Electric /BAC Lightning, but never worked on them personally. However as a lad I cycled from Derbyshire to Binbrook and camped for a week outside crash gate 3 for a week; I was that obsessed 🤩”

If you are considering selling your collection and the models are in undisplayed boxed condition and from a non smokers environment then we may be interested in purchasing them. Please email your list to chris@planecrazy.biz