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Bristol Britannia 312 – G-AOVB, BOAC. (Non Polished version) 1/144

Britannia 312 – G-AOVB, BOAC. Ltd Edn

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Outstanding model of the Bristol 175 Britannia 312 G-AOVB in British Overseas Airways Corporation markings. Limited edition of 3,500, now very hard to obtain. Box underside has light creasing, typical for this model and nothing that detracts.

Length 10.25 inches Wingspan 11.75 inches

The Bristol Type 175 Britannia was a British medium-to-long-range airliner built by the Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1952 to fly across the British Empire. During development and acceptance testing, the turboprop engines proved susceptible to inlet icing and two prototypes were lost while solutions were found.

By the time development was completed, “pure” jet airliners from France, United Kingdom and the United States were about to enter service, and consequently, only 85 Britannias were built before production ended in 1960. Nevertheless, the Britannia is considered one of the landmarks in turboprop-powered airliner design and was popular with passengers. It became known by the title of “The Whispering Giant” for its quiet exterior noise and smooth flying, although the passenger interior remained less tranquil.

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