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Bell AH-1G Cobra – Florida Division of Forestry 1/48

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Corgi Aviation Archive Legends 1/48 scale US51206: Bell AH-1G Cobra of the Florida Division of Forestry

Length 13.25 inches Rotor span 11 inches

These military Cobras were scheduled for demilitarization (demolition) but the Florida Division of Forestry convinced the Pentagon to save them and use them for other purposes such as firefighting and homeland security. In 2000, these Cobras were the first helicopters to be put into fire service by the government, saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

Designed to meet an urgent US Army requirement for a helicopter gunship, the Bell AH-1 Cobra-sometimes called The Snake-was first flown on September 7th, 1965. Troop-carrying Hueys depended on the Cobra for fire support; it was fast and very maneuverable, and its narrow 38-inch airframe made for a difficult target. Its main armament was its three-barrel 20mm Gatling gun mounted in a chin turret, but it was also capable of using a variety of other weapons including rocket pods, cannon pods, minigun pods and missiles. Replaced by Apaches in the 1990s, the Cobra now serves the US Forest Service as a firefighter.

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