BAe Hawk T1A – XX295, 4 FTS RAF Valley (Red, White, Grey, Blue)

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Corgi Aviation Archive 1/72 scale AA36002; BAe Hawk T1A XX295 in the superb markings of 4 Flying Training School based at RAF Valley, Anglesey in 1995. Finished in superb red, white, grey and blue livery, this is an absolutely essential addition to any model collection. The Hawk comes with optional undercarriage positions and a stand with a special cradle allowing the model to be displayed in flight.

Limited edition of 2,950 pieces

Length 6.25 inches Wingspan 5.25 inches

The introduction of the Hawk T1 into service with No. 4 FTS proved to be a great success. Designed with the dual capability as a trainer/ground-attack aircraft, the Hawk was the first advanced jet trainer ever to enter RAF service which had not been an adaption of a Fighter aircraft. It is also interesting to note that no trials unit was formed prior to its delivery to Valley and, following the compilation of a training syllabus by the CFS, the Hawk was immediately put to work. Easy to operate and simple to maintain, the Hawk’s performance matches, and in some area exceeds, the performance found in complex, large fighters. More economical than the Gnat, the Hawk also has the advantage of an increased range over its predecessor. The Hawk is cleared for spinning, an exercise previously omitted from the course when the Vampire was retired but now reintroduced after 17 years. In July 1977, the School’s first Hawk course was able to commence, following the training of the first Hawk QFIs some 3 months previously. The Hawk has now been in service with 4 FTS for nearly thirty years and has been a landmark in RAF history. Today, 4 FTS’s course is split between two reserve squadrons, 19 and 208 using the improved Hawk T2.

Designed to meet an RAF requirement for a fast trainer to replace the Folland Gnat, the BaE Hawk first flew on August 21, 1974. This tandem two-seat aircraft has a distinctive appearance, with the front seat positioned below the rear seat so that the instructor has a clear view of the student’s cockpit. The Hawk is subsonic in level flight but can achieve Mach 1.15 in a dive, giving trainees the experience of supersonic flight. Hawks are expensive to produce but durable and maneuverable enough to be used for combat. The Hawk is in use in 18 different nations with over 900 produced.

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