Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina – 2nd ERS Snafu Snatchers, USAAF, New Guinea, 1945

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Corgi Aviation 1/72 scale AA36102: Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina of 2nd ERS Snafu Snatchers, USAAF, New Guinea, 1945. Limited Edition of 3,990 models.

Length 10.75 inches Wingspan 17.25 inches

The secondary Emergency Rescue Squadron was credited with rescuing over 700 downed fliers during their tenure in the South Pacific from the time they arrived in July 1944 until the end of the war in August 1945. Known as the “Snafu Snatchers”, this squadron was the first Army Air Force unit of its kind in the Pacific. In July 1944, it was assigned to the 5th Air Force from which it was transferred to the 13th Air Force in September 1944. Using OA-10A’s (equivalent to Navy PBY’s) the Second Emergency Rescue Squadron retrieved over 300 airmen from death or capture during the first six months of its activity. His close up shows the “Snafu Snatchers” nose art painted on the right side of their OA-10A’s. “SNAFU” stood for “Situation Normal, All Fouled Up”, although another word was usually used for the “F”. Rafts with numbers were painted on the opposite side of the fuselage to indicate the crewmen rescued by the aircraft.

Designed to replace the Martin P3M, the PBY Catalina was first flown on March 28th, 1935. This aircraft is a long range patrol flying boat, one of the most rugged and versatile aircraft in U.S. history. Its long range assisted in the location and attack of enemy transport ships. A great advantage of flying boats is that they need no runway, however later PBY variants incorporated retractable landing gear, allowing for amphibious operation from land or water. Even today-more than seventy years after its first flight-the PBY continues to fly as an air tanker in firefighting operations throughout the world.

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