North American P-51D Mustang – Katydid, 12th FS, 18th FG, USAAF, Elwyn Righetti, RAF Wormingford, England, 1945 (Nose Art Panel)

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Corgi Aviation 1/72 scale US32218; North American P-51D Mustang “Katydid”, 12th FS, 18th FG, USAAF, Elwyn Righetti, RAF Wormingford, England, 1945. Part of the Nose Art series, with a large scale panel showing the aircrafts Nose Art insignia. Limited Edition of 1,460 models, intended mainly for US issue.

Length 5.25 inches Wingspan 6.25 inches

King of the Strafers Lt. Col. Righetti flew this machine for much of his brief time in the ETO. The aircraft saw extensive use with the 55th FG, flying both bomber escort and strafing sorties. Righetti took the machine with him when he was promoted from the 338th FS CO to commander of the 55th FG. Almost certainly used by the ace to claim all 7.5 of his aerial victories, 44-14223 was replaced by brand-new P-51 D-20 44-72227 in early April. Also coded CL-M and named “KATYDID,” this machine was shot down by flak during an airfield attack on Riesa/Canitz Airfield near Breslau, Germany, on April 17, 1945. Having belly-landed his Mustang, Righetti radioed that he was okay and would see his fellow pilots in a few days. This was not to be. He was never seen again, and it has been speculated that he fell victim to an attack by German civilians. Righetti’s final tally was 7.5 aerial and 27 strafing victories.

During WW2, young airmen separated from home, family, loved ones and a familiar way of life often sought ways of escaping the harsh reality of war by personalising their aircraft with what has become known as nose art. Humour, slogans, nicknames, cartoons, girls; all were used to bring a touch of light relief to their deadly day-to-day existence. The Corgi Nose Art range aims to capture some of the superb works of art that adorned aircraft on all sides of the conflict. Each model includes a diecast body panel featuring the art in colourful, large-scale detail.

Designed to meet an RAF requirement for fighter-bomber and reconnaissance aircraft, the P-51 Mustang was first flown on October 26th, 1940. This versatile aircraft was capable of escorting bombers on long-range missions, engaging in dogfights, and dropping down to destroy German targets on the ground. At least eight versions of the P-51 were produced, but it was the definitive P-51D that gave the Mustang its classic warbird appearance. Britain and the US both tested the airframe with the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, which gave the aircraft tremendous performance gains. The Truman Senate War Investigating Committee called the Mustang “the most aerodynamically perfect pursuit plane in existence.”

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