P-47D Thunderbolt – Bonnie, 460th FS, USAAF. Ltd Edn


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2 in stock

P-47D Thunderbolt “Bonnie” flown by Major William D. Dunham of the USAAF 460th Fighter Squadron, 348th Fighter Group based at Leyte in December 1944. Mint and boxed limited edition of only 2,900. Superb model.

Designed by Alexander Kartveli meeting a USAAC requirement for a heavy fighter, the P-47 was first flown on May 6th, 1941. Later models featured a “bubble-top” canopy rather than the sharply peaked “razorback” fuselage which resulted in poor visibility for the aircraft’s pilot. The P-47, a deadly pursuit aircraft, featured 8 x 12.7mm machine guns; all mounted in the wings. Even with the complicated turbosupercharger system, the sturdy airframe and tough radial engine, the P-47 (“Jug” or “Juggernaut” as it was nicknamed) could absorb damage and still return home. Built in greater quantities than any other US fighter, the P-47 was the heaviest single-engine WWII fighter and the first piston-powered fighter to exceed 500 mph.


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