McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle – Pair o Dice, 90th TFS USAF

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Dragon Models 1/72 scale Warbirds 50147: Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle Pair-O-Dice, 90th TFS, 3rd TFW, USAF, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska

Length 10.75 inches Wingspan 7.25 inches

The 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing is based at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska. It is the largest and principal organization in Eleventh Air Force. Its mission is to support and defend U.S. interests in the region and around the world by providing units who are ready for worldwide air power projection and a base that is capable of meeting PACOM’s theatre staging and throughput requirements. The mission of the 90th Fighter Squadron is to be a combat-ready fighter squadron prepared for rapid worldwide deployment of F-15E aircraft to accomplish precision engagement of surface targets using a wide variety of conventional air-to-surface munitions. The squadron trains in the fighter missions of strategic attack, interdiction, offensive counter-air (air-to-surface), suppression of enemy defenses, as well as offensive and defensive counter-air (air-to-air). The heritage of the 90th “Pair O’Dice” Fighter Squadron dates back to early 1917 when it was organized as the 90th Aero Squadron on 20 August 1917 at Kelly Field, TX.

Designed to meet US Air Force requirements for an air superiority fighter to replace the F-4 Phantom, the F-15 Eagle first flew on July 27, 1972. The Air Force needed a fighter that could engage long range targets, a skill the F-4 did not possess. The F-15 has a pulse-Doppler radar system, which can track small high-speed targets up to 120 nautical miles away and can lock its missile onto targets up to 50 nautical miles away. With more than 100 aerial combat victories, the F-15 is said to be one of the most successful modern fighters. It is expected to remain in service until 2025.

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