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Boeing P-8A Poseidon MRA1 – ZP801 “Pride of Moray”, 120 Sqn, RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland, 2020 1/200 DAMAGED 03

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Gemini 200 1/200 scale G2RAF899: Boeing P-8A Poseidon MRA1  serial ZP801 “Pride of Moray”, 120 Sqn, RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland, 2020. With fixed lowered undercarriage and display stand. Production run of  750 models.

Length  7.75 inches   Wingspan  7 inches

PLEASE NOTE: Model is NOT perfect with signs of zinc pest around a couple of the upper fuselage aerials. As such the model is being offered at an absolute bargain price but on the understanding that returns are not possible. A skilled restorer may be able to fix the issue but it’s beyond my skills

On the 4th February 2020, 120 (CXX) Squadron flew its new Maritime patrol aircraft the Boeing P-8A Poseidon MRA1, serial number ZP801 “Pride of Moray”, from NAS Jacksonville Florida to RAF Kinloss in Morayshire, Scotland. The unit has now moved to its permanent base RAF Lossiemouth which was being upgraded to host the plane at the time. 120 Squadron have a long and proud Maritime Patrol history, and aptly they were the first RAF Squadron to operate American Maritime Patrol aircraft in 1941 when they utilised 20 converted Consolidated B-24A Liberator Bombers from RAF Nutts Corner in Country Antrim, Northern Ireland. During WWII the squadron was the RAF’s highest scoring anti-submarine Squadron, with 14 confirmed U Boat kills credited, along with shared credits of three further kills and damaging eight other submarines. ZP801 is the first of nine Boeing P-8A Poseidon MRA1s ordered. It was handed over to the RAF on the 29th October 2019 at Boeing’s facility in Seattle before being delivered to NAS Jacksonville on the 31st October 2019. The first fully RAF-crewed sortie on a Royal Air Force Poseidon took place on 4th December 2019, with a mixed 120 and 54 Squadron crew complement.

The Poseidon fills a huge gap in the ability of UK defence, caused when the Nimrod fleet was scrapped in 2010. This left the UK with no fixed wing airborne anti-submarine or maritime warfare capability; a dangerous gap given the huge rise in Russian navy Submarine and Ship numbers.

Designed as an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft to replace the P-3 Orion, the P-8 Poseidon was first flown on April 25th, 2009. The aircraft is based on the 737-800 airliner. The Poseidon is a multi-role maritime patrol aircraft, equipped with sensors and weapons systems for anti-submarine warfare, as well as surveillance and search and rescue missions.

The P-8A comprehensive mission system features an APY-10 radar with modes for high-resolution mapping, an acoustic sensor system, including passive and multi-static sonobuoys, electro-optical/IR turret and electronic support measures (ESM). This equipment delivers comprehensive search and tracking capability, while the aircraft’s weapons system includes torpedoes for engaging sub-surface targets.

A contract for P-8 development was granted in June 2004 and first flight followed on April 25, 2009. The US Navy announced initial operating capability on November 29, 2013 and the P-8 is now being widely delivered not only to the US Navy, but also to the RAF, Norwegian Air Force, Indian Navy, Royal Australian Air Force, New Zealand and South Korea.

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