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Convair CV-580 – N73126 United Express (Saul Bass Livery) 1/200

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Gemini Jets 1/200 scale G2UAL318: Convair CV-580 serial N73126 of United Express (Saul Bass Livery) . Maximum of only 750 produced

The Convair CV-240 is an American airliner produced by Convair from 1947 to 1954, initially as a possible replacement of the ubiquitous Douglas DC-3. Featuring a more modern design with cabin pressurisation, the 240 series was able to make some inroads as a commercial airliner and also had a long development cycle which resulted in various civil and military variants. Although reduced in numbers through attrition, the “Convairliners” in various forms continue to fly into the 21st century.

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