Boeing F-15I Ra’am – #241, 69th (Hammers) Sqn, IDF/AF, Hatzerim AB, Israel, 2010

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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA4527: Boeing F-15I Ra’am #241 of 69th (Hammers) Sqn, IDF/AF , Hatzerim AB, Israel, 2010. Production run of 1,000 models.

Length 10.75 inches Wingspan 7.25 inches

The Israeli Air Force had 24 F-15I Ra’am (Thunder) delivered to the 69 “The Hammer” Squadron between January 1998 and June 1999. No. 69 Squadron is based at Hatzerim AB. Aircraft # 241 was manufactured as c/n 1308/1014 (former USAF 94-0299). The F-15I is a variant of the F-15E Strike Eagle with some modifications specified by the IDFAF such as some electronics that were designed and installed. The F-15Is have Sharpshooter targeting pods and LANTIRN pods for night vision. In 2016 upgrades for the F-15I structure and electronics were approved.

Designed to meet US Air Force requirements for an air superiority fighter to replace the F-4 Phantom, the F-15 Eagle first flew on July 27, 1972. The Air Force needed a fighter that could engage long range targets, a skill the F-4 did not possess. The F-15 has a pulse-Doppler radar system, which can track small high-speed targets up to 120 nautical miles away and can lock its missile onto targets up to 50 nautical miles away. With more than 100 aerial combat victories, the F-15 is said to be one of the most successful modern fighters.

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