Dassault Rafale EG – 332 Mira Hawk, Hellenic Air Force, Tanagra AB, Greece, 2022

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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA9604: Dassault Rafale EG #410, 332 Mira Hawk, Hellenic Air Force, Tanagra AB, Greece, 2022. Production run of 400 models.

Length 8.25 inches Wingspan 5.75 inches

On January 19, 2022 the 114 Combat Wing/332 All Weather Squadron “Geraki” (Hawk) received the first six aircraft. This consisted of 2 twin-seat Rafale DG combat trainers (401 – 402) and 4 single-seat Rafale EG multi-role fighters (410 – 413). Originally named Rafale Bs and Cs they were renamed Rafale DG and EG. Prior to delivery to the HAF these aircraft were upgraded to F3-R standards at the factory. Rafale 410 was formerly used by the Fighter Squadron 2/30 “Normandy-Niemen” at Mont-de-Marsan as 103.

Designed as a result of the ACX (Avion de Combat Experimentale) program prior to France’s withdrawal from the EFA project, the Rafale was first flown on July 4th, 1986. The Rafale is multi-role fighter for the French Air Force and Navy, capable of handling missions from reconnaissance to air supremacy to nuclear deterrence. The Rafale built on Dassault’s expertise with delta-winged fighter design, adding a forward canard to improve manouverability and reduce approach speeds for carrier operations. The Rafale’s advanced avionics and and limited stealth capabilities are expected to secure it as the primary combat aircraft for the French Air Force and Navy until at least 2040.

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