F-4E Phantom II – El Toro Bravo, 469th TFS SAF, Vietnam MiG Kill

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Hobby Master 1/72nd scale HA1989 F-4E Phantom II “EL TORO BRAVO” 469th TFS, 388th TFW, Korat RTAFB, Vietnam War, 1960s. Production run of only 800 models.

Length 10.5 inches Wingspan 6.25 inches

In mid-1968 the 388th TFW stationed at Korat, RTAFB transitioned from the Republic F-105 Thunderchief to the McDonnell Douglas F-4E. F-4E 67-0309 wears a red star on the engine splitter signifying a MiG kill but it was never a confirmed victory since there was a ceasefire in place. From the 469th TFS/388th TFW the aircraft moved to the 15th TFW and then on to the 94th TFS/1st TFW. Eventually after a complete of other moves the aircraft was sold to the Egyptian AF in 1980 as 7828.

The F-4E variant was an improved version of the C/D with an elongated nose and compact radar. These two things made it possible to install a 20mm M61A1 6 barrel 640 round Vulcan gun pod in the nose. The F-4E was the most produced variant with 1,387 aircraft being made over its 12 year production period. The F-4E also equipped more air forces than any other variant of the Phantom II.


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