Lockheed F-22A Raptor – Raptor 01/ Spirit of America, 412th TW USAF, Edwards AFB 1997 (With External Missile Load)

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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA2811b: Lockheed F-22A Raptor #91-4001 “Raptor 01/ Spirit of America” of the 412th Tactical Wing USAF, Edwards AFB, CA, 1997. Production run of 800 models.

Length 10.25 inches    Wingspan 7.5 inches

PLEASE NOTE: This version of the model includes six internal AIM-120C missiles, two internal AIM-9X sidewinder missiles, four external AIM-120C missiles and two external fuel tanks.

In 1986 Northrop and Lockheed Martin were each awarded a demonstration and concept validation contract. The Lockheed YF-22 won over Northrop’s YF-23. The YF-22 first flew on September 29, 1990 with the flight of the first production F-22 “Raptor” taking place on September 7, 1997. This aircraft was number 91-4001 with a serial of 91-001 and named “Spirit of America”. In October 1997 91-001 went to Edwards AFB in California for testing. What started with 91-001 ended in 2012 when the last planned 195th F-22 was delivered (8 pre production and 187 production examples)

Designed to meet a US Air Force requirement for an Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) to replace the F-15 Eagle, the F-22 was first flown on September 29th, 1990. The USAF’s ATF program aimed to produce a fifth-generation air superiority fighter that would be better matched against emerging new aircraft such as the Su-27 Flanker. The F-22 uses stealth technology and can function in air superiority, ground attack, intelligence and electronic warfare roles. Despite its capabilities, the F-22 program was relatively short-lived; by 2010 its high cost coupled with the development of the F-35 (a more versatile and less expensive aircraft) led to a cessation of F-22 production funding.

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