Mikoyan MiG-29MU1 Fulcrum-C – Yellow 57, Ukrainian Air Force, 2014

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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA6518: Mikoyan MiG-29MU1 Fulcrum-C Yellow 57, Ukrainian Air Force, 2014. Production run of 750 models.

Length 9.5 inches Wingspan 6.25 inches

Any Ukrainian MiG-29 overhauled since 2012 has been given a digital camo paint scheme that makes each paint scheme unique, no two aircraft are painted the exact same. Prior to 2014 MiG-29 #57 had been painted in a white/yellow scheme but in December 2014 the aircraft was overhauled and received the new digital scheme. The paint scheme includes a huge Ukrainian national emblem Trizub (Trident) on top of its spine. The MiG 29 is the Ukrainian Air Forces most numerous fighter and heavily involved in the current war with Russia. It has been continually upgraded and even adapted to fire the US designed and manufactured HARM anti radar missile.

Designed to help the Soviet Union attain air superiority, the MiG-29 fighter was first flown on October 6th, 1977. The MiG-29 (NATO Codename: “Fulcrum”) has a high-mounted bubble canopy and twin jet engines with diagonal-shaped air intakes and large exhausts. Its tapered, swept-back wings and boom-mounted tail fins give it its classic look. Armed with medium and short-range missiles and unguided weapons for ground and sea-surface targets, the MiG-29’s sight is a helmet-mounted system-the pilot chooses his targets by looking at them. Even today the Fulcrum remains a potent adversary, and will remain in service for at least another decade.

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