North American RA-5C Vigilante – RVAH-13 Bats, US Navy, USS Kitty Hawk, 1966, Experimental SEA Camo Scheme

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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA4706: North American RA-5C Vigilante #604 of RVAH-13 Bats, US Navy, USS Kitty Hawk, 1966, Experimental SEA Camo Scheme. Production run of 650 models.

Length 12.75 inches Wingspan 8.75 inches

During the Vietnam war, the US Navy and US Air Force both experimented with jungle camouflage schemes designed to obscure aircraft from high-flying MiGs. While deployed aboard the USS Kitty Hawk from October 1965 to June 1966, half of the aircraft of CVW-11 were painted with dark green colours to blend in with the Vietnamese jungle. The results proved inconclusive for the US Navy and the schemes were eventually dropped. The Air Force, however, concluded that the camouflage was effective and continued to use it throughout the conflict.

Designed to meet a US Naval requirement for a high-performance, all-weather attack aircraft, the A-5 was first flown on August 31st, 1958. The large, swept-wing design incorporated a bomb-bay between the two powerful J79 engines. This enabled the Vigilante to deliver a free-fall nuclear bomb while flying at supersonic speeds. Later versions of the A-5 were developed for a reconnaissance role and the bomb-bay housed additional fuel-tanks.

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