Northrop F-5N Tiger II – VFC-111 Sun Downers, US Navy, NAS Key West, FL, 2021

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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA3365: Northrop F-5N Tiger II of  VFC-111 Sun Downers, US Navy, NAS Key West, FL, 2021. Production run of 700 models

Length 7.75 inches Wingspan 4.5 inches

F-5 761554 MSN L. 1028 was formerly owned by the Swiss Air Force as J-3029 and acquired by the USN when the Swiss were retiring these planes. The aircraft underwent upgrades to an “N” variant and became active with VFC-111 “Sun Downers” in 2008. VFC-111 is an Aggressor Squadron with the mission to train USN and USMC pilots in the art of aerial combat. Many VFC-111 F-5s are painted in a two-tone blue scheme to visually mimic Russian latest aircraft. Several of these paint schemes differ from the others by using the two blues in various patterns.

Designed partly to meet a US Navy requirement for a low-cost, low-maintenance fighter to operate from Escort Carriers, the F-5 first flew on July 30, 1959. Development of the F-5 continued even after the Navy withdrew its Escort Carriers, and the aircraft eventually evolved into the light, supersonic “Freedom Fighter,” serving US allies during the Cold War and as a supersonic trainer in the US. The second-generation F-5 (“Tiger II”) also served US allies, but because it was small and maneuverable like a MiG it was also used by the US military as a training and “aggressor” aircraft, acting as the opposing force during military wargames.

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