McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom II – Playboy, 14th TRS, USAF Vietnam 1970s

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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA1957: McDonnell Douglas RF-4C “Playboy” 69-351, 14th TRS, Vietnam War. Production of 900 pieces, of which only a few came to the UK.

Length 9.75 inches. Wingspan 6.25 inches

Because of the war in Vietnam the 14th TRS was activated In October 1966. The unit was issued new RF-4C Phantom IIs and after training arrived at the Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base in October 1967 assigned to the 432nd TRW. Mid way into 1971 the 14th TRS were the only tactical reconnaissance unit in Vietnam. During their time in Vietnam the RF-4s didn’t carry any weapons and relied on speed and speed and altitude to evade Migs and SAMs. In December 1975 the 432nd TRW was inactivated this included the 14th TRS and their RF-4s were sent to Shaw AFB, South Carolina.

The first production RF- 4C flew in May 1964. The RF- 4C was an unarmed recon variant designed for information gathering. This variant is quite easy to recognize from other F-4 variants because of the distinctive nose. The larger nose was designed to accommodate radar, sensors and flat windows for cameras. During its years of service the RF-4C used two nose variations. The original design was the angular version with a later design that had a smoother rounded camera bulge. There were 503 RF- 4cs built with 499 being officially accepted by the USAF.

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