Sukhoi Su-25M1 Frogfoot – Blue 19, 299th Tactical Aviation Brigade, Ukraine Air Force 2022

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Hobbymaster 1/72 scale HA6110: Sukhoi Su-25M1 Frogfoot Blue 19, 299th Tactical Aviation Brigade, Lt. Col. Zhybrov (low vis. scheme) Ukraine AF, Feb 2022 (w/2 x KH-25ML, 4 x S-24B). Production run of 850 models.

Length 7.75 inches Wingspan 8.5 inches

The 299th Tactical Aviation Brigade based at Nikolaev-Kulibakino has applied a digital camouflage scheme to their Su-25M1s. After aircraft losses in the Ukrainian Civil War they realized they had to upgrade the older Su-25s and by the end of 2015 14 Su-25M1s and 2 Su-25UBM1 were completed. On February 26, 2022 Su-25M1 Blue 19 piloted by Lt. Col. Zhybrov was lost along Su-25M1 Blue 30 when they attacked a pontoon bridge being built by Russian forces in the Kherson region in an effort to add a crossing for its troops and supplies.

In 1999 Russia decided to upgrade their aging Su-25 aircraft with actual work beginning in 2001. The first of the upgraded aircraft designated Su-25SM (Stroyevoy Modernizirovannyi) Grach (Rook) flew on March 3, 2002 with the first six modernized aircraft entering service with the Russian Air Force in December 2006. The idea behind the modernization was to expand the life of the Su-25, make it All-Weather capable, more lethal and reduce operating and maintenance cost. Increased ordnance loads and a wider selection were also added.


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