Douglas Boston MkV – 13 Squadron, RAF Black scheme, Greece 1945

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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA4208: Boston Mk.V No. 13 Squadron, RAF, Greece 1945. Only 300 of this excellent model have been produced. PLEASE NOTE: The cockpit canopy of this model is finished correctly in primer green, as per the photo. However some collectors prefer the canopy with a black frame as they believe the green primer looks wrong. I will supply a black framed canopy with each model in addition to the green framed one, so collectors can choose with one they prefer.

Length 8 inches Wingspan 10.25 inches

The RAF received 90 Boston V’s in October and November 1944. The Boston V (A-20K) and the Boston IV (A-20J) are the same except the IV used Wright R2600-23 engines while the V used Wright R2600-29. No 13 Squadron began in 1915 in Gosport doing reconnaissance. They joined WWII in Algeria in 1942 then Egypt and Italy before moving to Greece in September 1945. The No. 13 Squadron Boston V’s were used to lead bombers and would drop flares to mark the area where the bombers should drop their loads.

With war approaching America knew it would be called upon to aid their Allies so a new aircraft would need to be developed. Douglas Aircraft designer Ed Heinemann’s DB-7/A-20 was chosen to be the new attack-bomber. The prototype flew in December 1938 with the first production aircraft flew on August 17, 1939. Production ran until September 1944 with 7,478 aircraft built. During WWII these were supplied to French, British, Australian, Dutch and Soviet forces as well as their own U.S. forces.

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