A-26C Invader – 37th BS, 17th BG, USAF, Pusan, Korea 1952

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Hobby Master 1/72 scale HA3202: A-26C Invader of the 37th BS, 17th BG, USAF, based at Pusan, Korea in 1952 (redesignated as B-26C in 1948). Production run of 2,080 models.

The 17th BG was formed during the Korean War. The 17th BG squadrons were 34th, 37th and 95th BS. At first the 3rd and 17th BG flew day and night missions but later only night missions. By the end of the Korean War the 3rd and 17th BG’s had 55,000 interdiction sorties and credited with the destruction of 38,500 enemy vehicles, 3,700 railway cars, 406 locomotives and seven aircraft.
In 1941 Douglas Aircraft Company began work on their twin-engine medium-bomber A-26 Invader. By the end of production there were 2,452 aircraft produced for all variants. The A- 26/B-26 was the only U.S. bomber to take part in three wars, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. The confusion with the use of the designation B-26 began when the Martin B-26 Marauder was retired and in 1948 the USAF dropped the “A” (Attack) designator so the Douglas A-26 Invader became the B-26 Invader. The A-26 made its first European appearance in late 1944.

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