Military History book by Nigel Fountain: WW11 The Peoples Story

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Fantastic hardback Readers Digest Military History book by Nigel Fountain: WW11 The Peoples Story. World War II, the most catastrophic conflict in history, was the first truly ‘total war’, and the first in which, in many countries, civilians faced dangers every bit as great as those endured by the combatants. When it ended, more than 70 million people across the globe were dead, among them some 400,000 Americans and more than half a million citizens of Great Britain or the British Commonwealth and Empire. It can be easy to forget that the war was fought and won by ordinary men and women whose experiences collectively form the truest recollection of these vast events. WWII: The People’s Story combines text based largely on eyewitness accounts from major archives in the US and Britain. Comprehensively illustrated in colour and monochrome, the narrative draws on the reminiscences of servicemen and civilians, men, women and children who lived through the most momentous years of the twentieth century.

Contains 315 fact filled pages of text, colour and black and white photos plus drawings.

Dimensions Width 9 inches Height 11 inches

PLEASE NOTE: Does not have the CD which originally came with the book.

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