Douglas SBD Dauntless – VS-6 ,US Navy, USS Enterprise


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2 in stock

Altaya AY22 Douglas SBD Dauntless of VS-6 US Navy, as flown by Dale Hinton/Jack Leming, USS Enterprise, Marcus Island, March 4th 1942. In non resealable packaging with undercarriage and display stand.

Length 5.5 inches Wingspan 7 inches

The Douglas SBD Dauntless was a naval dive bomber made by Douglas during World War II. The SBD was the United States Navy’s main dive bomber from mid-1940 until late 1943, when it was supplanted, although not entirely replaced, by the SB2C Helldiver.

First flown in 1938, The Douglas SBD Dauntless was the United States Navy’s main dive-bomber during World War II. The Dauntless featured “Swiss cheese” flaps-dive brakes punched with 3-inch holes, which helped it achieve pinpoint accuracy when diving to the target. The cockpit accommodated the pilot, who doubled as the bombardier and manned a fixed-forward gun. The rear cockpit contained a machine gun and played a major defensive role. During the Battle of Midway, SBD dive-bomber attacks fatally damaged all four of the Japanese aircraft carriers, and heavily damaged two cruisers

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