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Tupolev Tu-128 Fiddler – Russian Air Force 1/179 scale

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Premium Collectibles Trading Co Ltd 1/179 scale diecast model of Tupolev Tu-128  (NATO reporting name: Fiddler) of the Russian Air Force. Very suitable to display alongside 1/144 scale models.

This is an accurate looking model in the in-flight configuration only, complete with a display stand in a non-resealable plastic blister. Perfect if you have limited space to display your models and at a very attractive price. It is believed to be the only diecast model of the Tu-128 on the market.

Length 6.7 inches Wingspan 3.75 inches

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The Tupolev Tu-128 is a Soviet long-range interceptor from the 1960s, had the NATO reporting name Fiddler. It was the largest and heaviest fighter which had ever been in service.

In the ’50s, the Soviet Union wanted to be able to defend against the possibility of nuclear-armed American bombers crossing its borders. Interceptors at the time only had a range of a few hundred kilometers and the newly developed surface-to-air missiles (or SAMS) had even shorter range. With both of these factors taken into account, the sheer numbers required to defend a 5,000 km air front became literally impossible to maintain. Because of this, the Soviet Union was only able to provide a modern air defense for a few of the most valuable areas. The Soviet Air Defence Forces decided to try to cover the entire territory, but with a more limited defense. In 1955 it decided it needed a defense interceptor which could cover a large area from a small number of air bases.


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